Arkadiusz Danowski, also known as caramadeha, was born in 1976 as a Polish visual artist and musician. He began his journey with the visual arts as a teenager in his grandfather's studio, who was a well-known landscape painter named Zdzisław Danowski. For almost two decades, or most of his adult life, he lived and created outside of Poland, first in the art capital of the world, Paris, and then in southern Thailand where he had his studios on the islands of Lanta and Payam.

Spiritually connected to surrealism, he focuses his activity on exploring the unconscious and subconscious, as well as discovering and interpreting the secrets of human nature. He tries to go beyond the boundaries of rational thinking by using dream, ritual, and automatism as creative tools. In his paintings, he moves between the dream world and reality, displaying bold declarations of vivid colors and biting hues. He fills his canvases with mysterious half-figures and symbols, often drawing on the aesthetics and mythology of the Far East.

His paintings have appeared in foreign magazines such as SilkMilk magazine, illustrating the stories and essays contained therein, as well as in the album Chaosmos, alongside artists such as Erwin Sówka, Andrzej Urbanowicz, and Marek Przybyła, published by 'Okulture' and dedicated to 20th century Polish esoteric art. His works have been exhibited both in Poland and abroad and are in the hands of private collectors from Poland, France, Germany, the Czech Republic, Sweden, and Thailand